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THE CORNWALL NATURE CONSERVANCY has evolved over the last thirty odd years and our Charity Constitution was formed on April 1st 2015 and charitable status was granted on the 4th August 2015.

The Cornwall Nature Conservancy are passionate about Conservation and care for Rare and Endangered British and Worldwide Animals, breeding them and being part of Breeding Programmes that are worthwhile and meaningful. We also are closely connected to Local Education Foundations and work alongside them to encourage younger people to understand the necessity for and methods of Conservation.

We keep and breed and on many occasions release such British animals as Scottish Wild Cat, European Otters, Water Voles, Harvest Mice, Pine Martins, Polecats and Barn Owls and we have just started a breeding programme for Hedgehogs using rescued permanently injured creatures that cannot be released.

All these animals have suffered devastating reduction in numbers in the wild. The latest estimate for Scottish Wild Cats is just 50 pure animals left. Ironically the purest of all Scottish Wildcats are those kept in captivity as over the last decades these have not been interbred with feral cats as has happened in the wild.

The Conservancy is set in a ten acre Nature Reserve in which we have planted thousands of trees and flowers, dug many ponds, planted an Orchard and put up hundreds of bird, animal and insect boxes. It is the intention to leave Tredivett Mill and the Nature Reserve to the Conservancy.

– Animals from further afield –

We are particularly committed to the breeding of Worldwide Cats, most of which have suffered from excesses of hunting and the fur trade. But Cat “Coats” look best on Cats. We keep Mountain Lions, Lynx, Ocelot, Fishing Cats, Servals, Jaguarundi, and Leopard Cats and of course the Scottish Wild Cat. We have bred almost all of these successfully except for the Ocelot. We are looking for a suitable partner for our male, and the Lynx. We have two beautiful female Lynx but the male we have obtained is still too young to breed. He should breed within 12 months.

We keep other rare animals, such as Tortoises rescued by Customs and Excise after illegal entry to the UK. Another animal which was rescued by the Courts from a pet shop are Tenrecs. These are very interesting animals from Madagascar which is subject to slash and burn policies and the subsequent loss of habitat. We rescued two pairs and both have bred. Now two other institutions keep some of our offspring. Tenrecs are small creatures that are very early in evolutionary terms. They are just above the egg laying mammals, the Platypus and the Echidna. These Tenrec were being sold as pet Hedgehogs.

The Rothschild’s Mynah birds are one of the most beautiful birds in the world and again because of the pet trade and habitat destruction have become extinct in the last few decades. We have a small collection and have bred many over the last few years.




The Cornwall Nature Conservancy

Tel: 01566 776899  |  Email: hello@cornwallnatureconservancy.org.uk | Registered Charity No: 1162986

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