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- Protecting British Wildlife and Other Endangered Animals -

Important Update regarding the Cornwall Nature Conservancy …

Since Covid, I have unfortunately had three accidents. First I was actually knocked over by a van resulting in a cracked coccyx. Then I slipped on wet wood and damaged my rotary cuff on my left shoulder. On 31st January 2022 I slipped on ice whilst feeding the deer and that resulted in prolonging the problem on my left shoulder and damaged the rotary cuff on the right arm.

After Covid, I felt that at our age it was not practical to keep large dangerous animals any longer. So, we moved most of our “dangerous” animals to our friends and now Managing Trustees of Cornwall Nature Conservancy at the farm deeper in Cornwall.

We kept only a selection of smaller mammals and birds.

The animals we bred in the year were:

  • 4 Sri Lankan Rusty spotted cats (the smallest cat in the world).
  • 3 Wild cats
  • 4 Cape genets
  • 12 Meerkats
  • 5 Fallow deer

As we approach 78 yrs old, more and more of the Trusts work is being carried out by Gary and Rhiannon, our Managing Trustees and we are contemplating moving the rest of our animals over the next few months.

We have had some wonderful experiences, breeding and bringing up baby pumas, baby fishing cats, servals, leopard cats, jaguarundi and Cherry’s favourite European lynx, among many others.

We thank all who have contributed over the years to our cause and of course our various volunteers and staff.

I am sure it will have a new breath of air with Gary and Rhiannon who after all, are half our age. Gary has a lifetimes experience looking after animals and Rhiannon is a veterinary surgeon, the ideal couple to take over.

We will support them totally while on the nature reserve at Tredivett Mill.

Tony and Cherry
Founding Trustees


  • To promote the Conservation of British Wild Animals, Worldwide Cats and other Birds and Animals that are rare or in danger of extinction.
  • To advance education for the public benefit concerning the Conservation of such animals, especially youngsters and those still at school and college.


We run successful breeding programmes and on many occasions release such British animals as Scottish Wild Cat, European Otters, Water Voles, Harvest Mice, Pine Martens, Polecats and Barn Owls.


We are aiming to enlist 1000 members and corporate support. Currently we are looking for specific funds to build an enclosure for a Snow Leopard that has been promised by The Cat Survival Trust at Welwyn Herts and to build a small Museum particularly for Education purposes for our many student visitors.

Please help us by becoming a member, adopting an animal, or by simply giving a donation.


Keep up to date with what is happening at the Cornwall Nature Conservancy by following our blog and social media. Learn about the history behind the Conservancy and keep track of what the animals are currently up to. You can also learn about future events too.




The Cornwall Nature Conservancy

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